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High-Power Converters and AC Drives

ISBN: 978-0-471-77370-2
450 pages
February 2006, Wiley-IEEE Press
High-Power Converters and AC Drives (0471773700) cover image


This book presents the latest cutting-edge technology in high-power converters and medium voltage drives, and provides a complete analysis of various converter topologies, modulation techniques, practical drive configurations, and advanced control schemes. Supplemented with more than 250 illustrations, the author illustrates key concepts with simulations and experiments. Practical problems, along with accompanying solutions, are presented to help you tackle real-world issues.
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Table of Contents


Part One Introduction.

1. Introduction.

1.1 Introduction.

1.2 Technical Requirements and Challenges.

1.3 Converter Configurations.

1.4 MV Industrial Drives.

1.5 Summary.



2. High-Power Semiconductor Devices.

2.1 Introduction.

2.2 High-Power Switching Devices.

2.3 Operation of Series-Connected Devices.

2.4 Summary.


Part Two Multipulse Diode and SCR Rectifiers.

3. Multipulse Diode Rectifiers.

3.1 Introduction.

3.2 Six-Pulse Diode Rectifier.

3.3 Series-Type Multipulse Diode Rectifiers.

3.4 Separate-Type Multipulse Diode Rectifiers.

3.5 Summary.


4. Multipulse SCR Rectifiers.

4.1 Introduction.

4.2 Six-Pulse SCR Rectifier.

4.3 12-Pulse SCR Rectifier.

4.4 18- and 24-Pulse SCR Rectifiers.

4.5 Summary.


5. Phase-Shifting Transformers.

5.1 Introduction.

5.2 Y/Z Phase-Shifting Transformers.

5.3 /Z Transformers.

5.4 Harmonic Current Cancellation.

5.5 Summary.

Part Three Multilevel Voltage Source Converters.

6. Two-Level Voltage Source Inverter.

6.1 Introduction.

6.2 Sinusoidal PWM.

6.3 Space Vector Modulation.

6.4 Summary.


7. Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverters.

7.1 Introduction.

7.2 H-Bridge Inverter.

7.3 Multilevel Inverter Topologies.

7.4 Carrier Based PWM Schemes.

7.5 Staircase Modulation.

7.6 Summary.


8. Diode-Clamped Multilevel Inverters.

8.1 Introduction.

8.2 Three-Level Inverter.

8.3 Space Vector Modulation.

8.4 Neutral-Point Voltage Control.

8.5 Other Space Vector Modulation Algorithms.

8.6 High-Level Diode-Clamped Inverters.

8.7 Summary.



9. Other Multilevel Voltage Source Inverters.

9.1 Introduction.

9.2 NPC/H-Bridge Inverter.

9.3 Multilevel Flying-Capacitor Inverters.

9.4 Summary.


Part Four PWM Current Source Converters.

10. PWM Current Source Inverters.

10.1 Introduction.

10.2 PWM Current Source Inverter.

10.3 Space Vector Modulation.

10.4 Parallel Current Source Inverters.

10.5 Load-Commutated Inverter (LCI).

10.6 Summary.



11. PWM Current Source Rectifiers.

11.1 Introduction.

11.2 Single-Bridge Current Source Rectifier.

11.3 Dual-Bridge Current Source Rectifier.

11.4 Power Factor Control .

11.5 Active Damping Control.

11.6 Summary.



Part Five High-Power AC Drives.

12. Voltage Source Inverter-Fed Drives.

12.1 Introduction.

12.2 Two-Level VBSI-Based MV Drives.

12.3 Neutral-Point Clamped (NPC) Inverter-Fed Drives.

12.4 Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge (CHB) Inverter-Fed Drives.

12.5 NPC/H-Bridge Inverter-Fed Drives.

12.6 Summary.


13. Current Source Inverter-Fed Drives.

13.1 Introduction.

13.2 CSI Drives with PWM Rectifiers.

13.3 Transformerless CSI Drive for Standard AC Motors.

13.4 CSI Drive with Multipulse SCR Rectifier.

13.5 LCI Drives for Synchronous Motors.

13.6 Summary.


14. Advanced Drive Control Schemes.

14.1 Introduction.

14.2 Reference Frame Transformation.

14.3 Induction Motor Dynamic Models.

14.4 Principle of Field-Oriented Control (FOC).

14.5 Direct Field-Oriented Control.

14.6 Indirect Field-Oriented Control.

14.7 FOC for CSI-Fed Drives.

14.8 Direct Torque Control.

14.9 Summary.



Appendix Projects for Graduate-Level Courses.

P. 1 Introduction.

P. 2 Sample Project.

P. 3 Answers to Sample Project.


About the Author.

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Author Information

Dr. Bin Wu received his PhD  in Electrical and Computer Engineering, at the University of Toronto in 1993. He holds 5 US patents in high-power converters and ac drives. Dr Wu has published 90 papers in power electronics and ac drives, received a total research funding of $2.8 milion dollars from the government and private sector, and has received various awards at national, provincial and institutional levels, including the Gold Metal of the Governor General of Canada, NSERC Synergy Award for Innovation, Premier Research Excellence Award, Ryerson Sarwan Sahota Distinguished Scholar Award and Ryerson Research Chair Award. Dr. Wu has also developed a number of power electronics based products for various companies, including Rockwell Automation (Allen- Bradley), Honeywell Aerospace, Lumacell Inc, Allanson International Inc and Industrial Lighting & Electric. He has produced over 70 technical reports for the above-mentioned companies. He was also the founder of LEDAR (Laboratory for Electric Drive Research and Applications) – the best of its kind in Canadian Universities.
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