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Patterns of Entrepreneurship

ISBN: 978-0-471-78285-8
480 pages
July 2005, ©2003
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This book is designed to share real entrepreneurial business experience. Included will be both long and short cases and a corresponding website. The goad is to provide a more complete understanding of the textual material and make the book as interactive as possible, encouraging internet research and study.
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Table of Contents


Table of Cases.


Chapter 1. The Entrepreneurial Process.

Chapter 2. Developing Ideas and Business Opportunities.

Chapter 3. Analyzing the Market, Customers, and Competition.

Chapter 4. Preparing the Winning Business Plan.

Chapter 5. Setting Up the Company.


Chapter 6. Early-Stage Financing.

Chapter 7. Growth Funding.


Chapter 8. Discovering the Value in Intellectual Property: The Competitive Edge.

Chapter 9. Preparing the Organization for Growth.

Chapter 10. Developing an E-Business Strategy.

Chapter 11. Managing Financial Operations.


Chapter 12. Buying Existing and Turnaround Businesses and Opening Franchises.

Chapter 13. Launching a High-Tech Venture.

Chapter 14. Harvesting and Exiting the Venture: Options and Alternatives.




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Author Information

Jack M. Kaplan is an adjunct professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Columbia University Business School. He has taught entrepreneurial courses on launching new ventures, entrepreneurship and technology, and the entrepreneurial manager. During his career, Mr. Kaplan started and managed three successful companies concentrating in smart card technology, healthcare information systems, and loyalty marketing programs. he is president of Datamark Technologies, Inc., an entrepreneurial business venture engaged in electronic gift card and loyalty marketing programs.

Mr. Kaplan has also conducted courses for many Fortune 500 companies, including Aetna Insurance Company, Panasonic Global sales Group, and Johnson & Johnson in New Product Strategies. He is a judge for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® Award Program in New York, and he has appeared on the Arts & Entertainment channel's Biography, CNN , and CNBC. Mr. Kaplan is the author of Getting Started in Entrepreneurship (2001) also published by John Wiley & Sons and Smart Cards: The Global Information Passport (International Thomson Computer Press, 1996).

He is a graduate of the University of Colorado and received his M.B.A. from the City University of New York.

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The Wiley Advantage

  • Real-world examples: Conceptual material is linked to the plans, problems, and solutions that real entrepreneurs have encountered in their own businesses.
  • Practical hints and suggestions: Based on the author's experiences, the tips throughout the book point out costly mistakes and common pitfalls.
  • Hands-on cases: Working through the cases presented in each chapter helps students practice critical thinking and integrative problem-solving.
  • Technology framework: A complete, up-to-date chapter is devoted to creating a successful technology framework, from idea to implementation.
  • Extensive supplemental material: Additional interactive cases, RealAudio interviews with entrepreneurs, demonstrations of financial techniques, sample business plans and sample legal documents are all available on the book's website, making this a very comprehensive introduction to entrepreneurship.
  • "Road Map" Framework: The book is organized around a "road map" framework, which leads the student from start to finish emphasizing the key tasks and milestones in the business's development.
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