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iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business

ISBN: 978-0-471-78784-6
368 pages
April 2006
iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business (0471787841) cover image
iCon takes a look at the most astounding figure in a business era noted for its mavericks, oddballs, and iconoclasts. Drawing on a wide range of sources, Jeffrey Young and William Simon provide new perspectives on the legendary creation of Apple, detail Jobs’s meteoric rise, and the devastating plunge that left him not only out of Apple, but out of the computer-making business entirely. This unflinching and completely unauthorized portrait reveals both sides of Jobs’s role in the remarkable rise of the Pixar animation studio, also re-creates the acrimony between Jobs and Disney’s Michael Eisner, and examines Jobs’s dramatic his rise from the ashes with his recapture of Apple. The authors examine the takeover and Jobs’s reinvention of the company with the popular iMac and his transformation of the industry with the revolutionary iPod. iCon is must reading for anyone who wants to understand how the modern digital age has been formed, shaped, and refined by the most influential figure of the age–a master of three industries: movies, music, and computers.
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1. Roots.

2. A Company Is Born.

3. Let’s Be Pirates!

4. Learning to Fail.


5. The NeXT Step.

6. Show Business.

7. Master of Ceremonies.

8. Icon.


9. Mogul.

10. Breaking New Ground.

11. iPod, iTunes, Therefore I Am.

12. Clash of the Titans.

13. Showtime.





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JEFFREY S. YOUNG, one of the founding editors of Macworld magazine, first met Steve Jobs in 1983. He is the author of the classic unauthorized biography Steve Jobs: The Journey Is the Reward. Young worked for Forbes in the 1990s as its contributing editor from Silicon Valley, writing profiles and business pieces, and, in 1997, he cofounded He is also the author of Forbes® Greatest Technology Stories (Wiley).

WILLIAM L. SIMON is the coauthor of Kevin Mitnick's The Art of Deception and The Art of Intrusion (both published by Wiley) as well as the award-winning author of more than twenty other books.

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