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Polymer Analysis

ISBN: 978-0-471-81363-7
304 pages
March 2002
Polymer Analysis (047181363X) cover image


This book introduces the techniques used for the analysis of polymers. It covers the main aspects of polymer science and technology; identification, polymerization, molecular weight, structure, surface properties, degradation and mechanical properties.
* Clear explanations of each analytical technique
* Describes the application of techniques to the study of polymers
* Encourages learning through numerous self-assessment questions and answers
* Structured for flexible learning
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Table of Contents

Series Preface.


Acronyms, Abbreviations and Symbols.

About the Author.




Molecular Weight.


Surface Properties.


Mechanical Properties.

Responses to Self-Assessment Questions.


Glossary of Terms.

Units of Measurement and Physical Constants.

Periodic Table.

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The Wiley Advantage

  • First low-level, distance-learning book to be written in this area.
  • Distance-learning structure with clear summaries of each analytical technique and extensive use of self-assessment questions and problems to aid student understanding.
  • Assumes no previous knowledge of polymers.
  • Book focuses on the properties of polymers, not spectroscopic techniques - therefore, more accessible.
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of a range of techniques used to study polymeric materials.
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"The author has achieved the aim of offering the newcomers in polymer science a concise but complete and clear introductory instrument." (Polymer News)

"an excellent introduction" (Chemistry & Industry, 20 May 2002)
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