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Pigment Handbook, Volume 1: Properties and Economics, 2nd Edition

Peter A. Lewis (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-82833-4
976 pages
January 1988
Pigment Handbook, Volume 1: Properties and Economics, 2nd Edition (0471828335) cover image


The second edition of this work, one in a three-volume set, continues the compilation of information originally brought together by T.C. Patton. It represents the expertise from worldwide authorities in the pigment industry, giving readers access to such topics as the physical and chemical meaning of color, the worldwide market for pigments, and the properties and major reasons for use of each of the pigments covered in the text. In addition to the updated and new data in this edition are new chapters on novel organic and inorganic pigments that were not even at the research stage when the 1973 version was published. Most chapters include a new section concerning the effect of the pigment under discussion on human health and on the environment. In light of new legislative standards, these discussions have special significance. This work is complemented by the still-current volumes, Applications and Markets (Volume 2) and Characterization and Physical Relationships (Volume 3).
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Table of Contents


White Pigments.

Extender Pigments.

Colored Inorganic Pigments.

Colored Organic Pigments.

Black Pigments.

Metallic Pigments.

Nacreous (Pearlescent) Pigments and Interference Pigments.

Luminescent Organic Pigments.

Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Inorganic Pigments.


Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Colors.
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