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PL / I Structured Programming, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-83746-6
656 pages
June 1986, ©1987
PL / I Structured Programming, 3rd Edition (0471837466) cover image


A complete course in the PL/I programming language, presented in a simple and logical manner with many features to help the reader grasp the material quickly: checkpoint questions interspersed throughout each chapter; a detailed index to help locate references to technical points and answers to questions; a glossary of terms, and more. Also includes a section on debugging techniques to aid in coding and testing programs, and a case study in each chapter.
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Table of Contents

Introduction to PL/I.

Top-Down Structured Programming.

Data Types and Data Manipulation.

Subroutines and Functions.

Logical Testing.

DOs and Arrays.

File Declarations and Stream I/O.

Record I/O, Structures, Pictures.

Storage Classes and List Processing.

File Processing.


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