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Vegetables: Characteristics, Production, and Marketing

ISBN: 978-0-471-85022-9
448 pages
May 1987, ©1987
Vegetables: Characteristics, Production, and Marketing (0471850225) cover image


Describes the techniques and fundamental concepts underlying the production and marketing of vegetable crops, particularly those crops that contribute to the commercial vitality of the vegetable industry in the western hemisphere. Covers resources -- natural, biological and economic -- that are fundamental to successful crop production, as well as the vegetable management systems that integrate these resources. Also includes specific information on each of the major vegetable crops, such as history, botanical characteristics, production techniques, pests, harvesting, and marketing. In addition, it provides discussions of social conflicts and problems that arise from water and land use practices, pesticide application, and conservation.
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Table of Contents

The Vegetable Industry.

Labor, Mechanization, and Production Efficiency.

The Plant and Its Environment.

Modifying Plant Environment.

Tillage and Crop Establishment.

Pest Management.

Alternative Production Systems.

Quality Control and Marketing.

Classification of Vegetables.

Perennial Crops.

Potherbs or Greens.

Cole Crops.

Leafy Salad Crops.

Root Crops.


Tuber and Tuberous Rooted Crops.

Solanaceous Crops.



Sweet Corn.

Miscellaneous Vegetables.



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