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Organotransition Metal Chemistry: Fundamental Concepts and Applications

ISBN: 978-0-471-89171-0
480 pages
January 1991
Organotransition Metal Chemistry: Fundamental Concepts and Applications (0471891711) cover image


A systematic, readable treatment of organotransition metal chemistry that provides students, teachers, and practicing chemists with an understanding of basic concepts in catalysis and synthetic procedures using transition metal reagents. Covers basic principles of coordination chemistry, organometallic compounds of transition metals and non-transition metals, reactions, industrial applications, use in synthesis, methods of manipulation for air-sensitive compounds, and an overview of related topics. Well illustrated with figures and formulae.
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Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Coordination Chemistry.

Nature of the Metal--Carbon Bond and Electronic Configurations of Transition Metal Complexes.

Syntheses of Organotransition Metal Complexes.

Experimental Techniques in Organometallic Chemistry.

Fundamental Processes in Reactions of Organotransition Metal Complexes.

Application of Transition Metal Complexes to Catalysis.

Organic Synthesis Using Transition Metal Complexes.

Topics Related to Catalysis and Organometallics.

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