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Discrete Location Theory

ISBN: 978-0-471-89233-5
576 pages
July 1990
Discrete Location Theory (0471892335) cover image


This invaluable resource presents the state of the art in discrete location theory. Among the topics covered are: locations with spatial interactions such as the quadratic assignment problem and competitive locations and games; duality and decomposition methods for facility location problems; the uncapacitated facility location problem; the p-median problem; location of mobile units in a stochastic environment; covering problems; and the p-center problem. Leading experts in the field of discrete location theory contributed to each chapter. In addition, there are numerous exercises, references, notes and further discussions which serve as aids for understanding theoretical and algorithmic concepts.
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Table of Contents

Ingredients of Locational Analysis (J. Krarup & P. Pruzan).

The p-Median Problem and Generalizations (P. Mirchandani).

The Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem (G. Cornuejols, et al.).

Multiperiod Capacitated Location Models (S. Jacobsen).

Decomposition Methods for Facility Location Problems (T. Magnanti & R. Wong).

Covering Problems (A. Kolen & A. Tamir).

p-Center Problems (G. Handler).

Duality: Covering and Constraining p-Center Problems on Trees (B. Tansel, et al.).

Locations with Spatial Interactions: The Quadratic Assignment Problem (R. Burkard).

Locations with Spatial Interactions: Competitive Locations and Games (S. Hakimi).

Equilibrium Analysis for Voting and Competitive Location Problems (P. Hansen, et al.).

Location of Mobile Units in a Stochastic Environment (O. Berman, et al.).

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