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Linear Multivariable Control: Algebraic Analysis and Synthesis Methods

ISBN: 978-0-471-92859-1
384 pages
August 1991
Linear Multivariable Control: Algebraic Analysis and Synthesis Methods (0471928593) cover image


Details the basic theory of polynomial and fractional representation methods for algebraic analysis and synthesis of linear multivariable control systems. It also serves as a self-contained treatise of the mathematical theory so that results and techniques of the ``state space approaches'' for regular and singular systems appear as special cases of a general theory covering the wider class of PMDs of linear systems. Among the topics covered are: real rational vector spaces and rational matrices, pole and zero structure of rational matrices at infinity, proper and omega stable rational fuctions and matrices.
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Table of Contents

Real Rational Vector Spaces and Rational Matrices.

Polynomial Matrix Models of Linear Multivariable Systems.

Pole and Zero Structure of Rational Matrices at Infinity.

Dynamics of Polynomial Matrix Models.

Proper and Omega-Stable Rational Functions and Matrices.

Feedback System Stability and Stabilization.

Some Algebraic Design Problems.



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