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Supplement C2, The Chemistry of Triple-Bonded Functional Groups, Volume 2

Saul Patai (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-93559-9
1366 pages
January 1995
Supplement C2, The Chemistry of Triple-Bonded Functional Groups, Volume 2 (047193559X) cover image
Considerable advances have been made regarding the chemistry of triple-bonded functional groups since the first volume in this series was published. This updated version covers information which has been reported during the last 15 years.
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Partial table of contents:

The Nature of the Triple Bond (H. Basch & T. Hoz).

Photoelectron Spectra of Systems with Triple Bonds Between Main Group Atoms--Recent Studies (R. Gleiter & W. Schafer).

Electronic Effects of Cyano, Isocyano, Acetylenic and Diazonio Groups (J. Shorter).

Photochemistry and Radiation Chemistry (W. Horspool).

Rearrangements Involving Triple Bonded Groups (D. Whittaker).

Biochemistry of Triple-Bonded Functional Groups (D. Banthorpe).

Polycyano Compounds (R. Dworczak & H. Junek).

Electrophilic Additions to Functional Groups Containing a Triple Bond (W. Drenth).

Arynes and Heteroarynes (H. Hart).

Alkynyl (phenyl) Iodonium and Related Species (P. Stang).

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