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Programming in Fortran 90: A First Course for Engineers and Scientists

ISBN: 978-0-471-94185-9
220 pages
May 1995, ©1995
Programming in Fortran 90: A First Course for Engineers and Scientists (0471941859) cover image


Fortran 90 is the most radical revision ever of this popular language, bringing it up to date with current thinking in programming language development. This is the first book aimed directly at problem solving for Engineers and Scientists using the new features of Fortran 90. It can be used as a complete text for students learning Fortran for the first time. It is also a conversion text for those updating from Fortran 77, as differences between Fortran 90 and Fortran 77 are outlined. Array handling and subroutine structures are dealt with as these are a prominent feature of engineers' programs. Emphasis is put on problem exercises for students and on substantial case histories. Model answers to all exercises and cases are given. The programs are available on the Internet via anonymous ftp.
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Table of Contents

Getting Going: Names, TYPEs, Simple Input/Output and Program Structure.

Simple Arithmetic.

Simple Intrinsic Procedures.



More on Input/Output: CHARACTERs and FORMAT Specifications.


Yet More on Input/Output: FILEs.

Subprograms: FUNCTIONs and SUBROUTINEs.

Additional Language Features.

Libraries of External SUBROUTINEs.

Case Studies.


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