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Macromolecular Reactions: Peculiarities, Theory and Experimental Approaches

ISBN: 978-0-471-94392-1
450 pages
June 1995
Macromolecular Reactions: Peculiarities, Theory and Experimental Approaches (0471943924) cover image


Over the last three decades many fundamental problems relating to the chemical reactions of polymers have arisen. In this book three distinguished authors present for the first time a comprehensive, theoretical and experimental analysis of macromolecular reactions, summarising advances in the field. Designed as a guide for academics and for polymer chemists and physicists in industry, this will also be an invaluable textbook for post-graduates and students as it details the peculiarities of macromolecular reactions, the quantitative investigation of reaction kinetics, product structure and processes of chemical modification. The authors are all widely regarded as worldwide experts in this field.
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Table of Contents

Properties of the Products of Macromolecular Reactions as Functions of the Units Distribution and Compositional Heterogeneity.

Peculiarities of Macromolecular Reactions.

Neighboring Groups Effect: Theoretical Approaches.

Neighboring Groups Effect: Experimental Approaches.

Configurational and Conformational Effects: Quantitative Approaches.

Interchain Effects.

Intermacromolecular Reactions.

Experimental Characterization of Units Distribution and Compositional Heterogeneity in the Products of Macro-Molecular Reactions.


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