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Industrial Intelligent Control: Fundamentals and Applications

Yong-Zai Lu (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-95058-5
346 pages
May 1996
Industrial Intelligent Control: Fundamentals and Applications (0471950580) cover image


With a strong emphasis on applications of intelligent control, this extremely accessible book covers the fundamentals, methodologies, architectures and algorithms of automatic control systems. The author summarizes several current concepts to improve industrial control systems, combining classical control techniques of dynamic modeling and control with new approaches discussed in the text. Addresses such intelligent systems as neural networks, fuzzy logic, ruled based, and genetic algorithms. Demonstrates how to develop, design and use intelligent systems to solve sophisticated industrial control problems. Includes numerous worked application examples.
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Table of Contents

Fundamental Techniques for Intelligent Control.

Learning Strategies and Algorithms.

System Modeling and Estimation.

Dynamic Controls.

Optimization Control Techniques.

Multivariate Statistics and Quality Control.

Fault Detection and Diagnosis.



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