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Stereochemistry of Coordination Compounds

ISBN: 978-0-471-95599-3
266 pages
June 1996
Stereochemistry of Coordination Compounds (047195599X) cover image


This well-illustrated and well-referenced book provides a systematic introduction to the modern aspects of the topographical stereochemistry of coordination compounds, which are made up of metal ions surrounded by other non-metal atoms, ions and molecules.
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Table of Contents

Survey of Methods for the Elucidation of the Stereochemistry of Coordination Compounds.

Theoretical Bases for the Coordination Geometries of Metal Ions.

General Concepts in Topographic Stereochemistry of Coordination Compounds.

Topographical Stereochemistry of Mononuclear Coordination Units.

Topographical Stereochemistry of Polynuclear Coordination Units.

The Stereochemical Course of Reactions of Metal Complexes.


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