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FileMaker Pro 8 Bible

ISBN: 978-0-471-96486-5
902 pages
May 2006
FileMaker Pro 8 Bible (0471964867) cover image


Track information crucial to your business with the new FileMaker Pro 8 database software and the latest edition of this comprehensive guide. From capturing customer data, automating employee records, or linking databases, to tracking your own investments or home inventory, find out how to set up the FileMaker Pro database you need to classify important information and improve productivity. This valuable reference provides clear step-by-step explanations and examples for beginners as well as experienced database users, for both Windows and Macintosh.

Inside, you'll find complete coverage of FileMaker Pro 8
* Get the "Big Picture" on FileMaker Pro for business and home
* Understand basic operations for both Windows(r) and Macintosh(r) platforms
* Define fields, set up scripts, and create new databases
* Master standard forms, columnar lists, and other layouts
* Create, enter, edit, and sort records
* Generate summary statistics across records
* Learn how to use ScriptMaker to automate FileMaker
* Exchange data between programs such as Microsoft(r) Excel(r)
* Publish or share data on the Web or company intranet
* Import and export XML

Bonus CD-ROM includes
* Trial version of FileMaker Pro 8 for Windows and Mac
* Templates
* Plug-in tools
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Table of Contents



Part I. The Fundamentals.

Chapter 1. What is a Database.

Chapter 2. FileMaker Pro Basic Operations.

Chapter 3. What's New in FileMaker Pro8?

Part II. Database Design Basics.

Chapter 4. Creating Your First Database.

Chapter 5. Defining Fields.

Chapter 6. Layouts.

Chapter 7. Setting Preferences.

Part III. Working with Databases.

Chapter 8. Working with Records.

Chapter 9. Searching for and Selecting Records.

Chapter 10. Sorting Records.

Chapter 11. Reports.

Chapter 12. Using the Spelling Checker.

Chapter 13. Printing.

Part IV. Putting FileMaker Pro to Work.

Chapter 14. Calculations and Computations.

Chapter 15. Automating FileMaker Pro.

Chapter 16. Exchanging Data.

Chapter 17. Creating and Using Templates.

Part V. Mastering FileMaker Pro.

Chapter 18. Linking Tables: Relationships and Lookups.

Chapter 19. Using FileMaker Pro in Workgroups.

Chapter 20. Web Publishing with FileMaker Pro.

Chapter 21. Advanced database Connectivity with XML and ODBC/JDBC.

Chapter 22. Expanding FileMaker's Capabilities Using Plug-Ins.

Part VI. Developing Databases for Others to Use.

Chapter 23. Designing Databases for Others.

Chapter 24. Debugging Scripts.

Chapter 25. Generating Database Reports.

Chapter 26. Creating Custom Database Solutions.

Part VII. Appendixes.

Appendix A: Macintosh Keyboard Shortcuts.

Appendix B: Windows Keyboard Shortcuts.

Appendix C: FileMaker Pro Function Reference.

Appendix D: Glossary.

Appendix E: Resources.

Appendix F: About the CD.


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Author Information

Dennis R. Cohen (Sunnyvale, CA) is a computer industry writer, tech reviewer, and co-author of 15 books. Dennis has been involved in database implementation and design for almost 30 years and was a senior software engineer at Claris Corp. (now FileMaker, Inc), working on FileMaker Pro, dBASE III, dBASE Mac, and ClarisImpact. Dennis uses FileMaker extensively.

Steven A. Schwartz (Lake Havasu City, AZ) is an author, consultant, and FileMaker guru. During the past 20 years, he has written hundreds of articles for more than a dozen computer magazines. He is the author of over 40 books.

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