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Homogeneous Photocatalysis

M. Chanon (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-96753-8
426 pages
March 1997
Homogeneous Photocatalysis (047196753X) cover image


Photocatalysis and related processes occupy a strategic position for the future of Photochemistry. Indeed, applications in solar energy taming, pollution management or other environmental problems and information storage could become practical before the end of this century. Homogeneous Photocatalysis is the only book that provides the necessary fundamentals and explains how applications work at the molecular level. It includes contributions from well-known authors selected for their expertise in the field.
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Table of Contents

Introduction to Photocatalysis (M. Chanon M. Schiavello).
Fundamentals of Interaction between Light and Matter (J. Mialocq).
Homogeneous Proton Transfer Photocatalysis (L. Arnaut S. Formosinho).
Principles and Organic Synthetic Applications of Photoinduced Electron Transfer Photosensitization (J. Santamaria C. Ferroud).
Transition Metal Complexes and Homogeneous Photocatalytic Transformations of Organic Substrates (C. Kutal).
Photocatalytic Aspects of Silver Photography (J. Belloni).
Immobilized Photosensitizers and Photocatalysis (M. Julliard).
Water Splitting: From Molecular to Supramolecular Photochemical Systems (E. mouyal).
Organized Media and Homogeneous Photocatalysis (I. Rico-Lattes A. Lattes).
Photosynthesis, a Natural Model for Photocatalysis (P. Mathis).
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