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Not Your Mama's Knitting: The Cool and Creative Way to Pick Up Sticks

ISBN: 978-0-471-97382-9
280 pages
September 2006
Not Your Mama


This is knitting with attitude. Choose from nearly thirty designs, follow the simple directions, and knit fun, trendy items to dress yourself, your friends, your home, a baby, or even a pet. This guide covers must-know techniques, tools of the trade, customizing designs, and more. Get clicking and express yourself with hip, hyper-chic designs any fashionista would covet.
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Table of Contents


PART ONE: All That a Gal Needs.

Chapter One: Have It Your Way: Seeing Beyond the Pattern.

God or Science? The Evolution of Knitting.

The Not-So-Distant Past.

The Here and Now.

Chapter Two: Two Sticks and Some String.

If It’s Long and Pointy, You Can Knit with It.

DIY Needles.

Where Width Is More Important Than Length.

The Long and the Short of It.

Stringing You Along.

Reading a Yarn Label.

Yarn Shopping.

Subbing Yarns.

A Knitter’s Tool Kit: Other Stuff You’ll Need.

Chapter Three: Beginners, Start Your Engines: Basic Techniques.

On the Casting Couch: Casting On.

Get a Grip! Holding the Yarn and Needles.

Bring It On! The Knit Stitch.

How to Bind Off.

Purls of Wisdom: The Purl Stitch.

Getting the Round In: Working with Double-Pointed and Circular Needles.

Knit One, Purl One: Gallery of Stitch Patterns #1.

Chapter Four: Shape Shifters: Increasing, Decreasing, and Other Fancy Things to Do with Your Knits and Purls.

Increase the Love: Basic Increasing Maneuvers.

Slimming Down: Basic Decreasing Stitches.

A Hole in One: Knitting Lace and Pointelle Patterns.

Feather and Fan.

Allover Lace and Lace Panels: Gallery of Stitch Patterns #2.

Chapter Five: Twist and Shout: Knitting Cables and Bobbles.

Switch-a-Roo: How to Knit Cables.

Simple Six-Stitch Cable.

Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Yarn: How to Knit Bobbles.

Reading a Chart #1.

Cables and Bobbles: Gallery of Stitch Patterns #3.

Chapter Six: Painting by Stitches: How to Knit with Different Colors.

Starting a New Ball of Yarn.

A Stripe of a Different Color.

Two Techniques for Multicolor Knitting.

Twisted Up in Knots: Tips for Yarn Tangle Management.

Reading a Chart #2.

Fair Isle and Intarsia: Gallery of Stitch Patterns #4.

Chapter Seven: It Ain’t Over ’til the Fat Lady Pins: Finishing and Blocking.

Seams Like a Nice Girl: The Correct Stitching Method for the Job.

Picking Up Stitches.

Binding Off.


How D’You Like My Weave? How to Weave in Your Loose Ends.

The End Is in Sight: Blocking Your Finished Item.

Chapter Eight: Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Embellishments.




Now in 3D!


Ha Hem!


Chapter Nine: Oops, I Made a Big Booboo! Fixing Mistakes.



Reworking Stitches.

Dropped Stitches.

Chapter Ten: ’Sall Greek to Me: How to Read a Knitting Pattern.

Patterns 101.

Size Is Important: Understanding Gauge (Tension).

Special Notes or Instructions.

Following the Instructions.

PART TWO: …And a Bag of Chips.

Chapter Eleven: Heads Up!

Bean Beanie.

Put-Your-Hair-Up Hat.

Cable Access.

Bar Code.

It’s a Cinch.

Bobbles and Balls.

Chapter Twelve: Playing Footsie.

Pirate Socks.

Toasty Tootsies.

Not-Quite-’70s Legwarmers.


PDA Mittens.

O Gloves.

Chapter Thirteen: Full Fluffy Jacket.

Sweet and Seamless.

Split Personality.





Macho Picchu.

Chapter Fourteen: Bag Ladies.

Techno Bag.

Techno Junior.


Chapter Fifteen: Rug Rats.

Little Boy Blue/Alpha Female.

Pampered Pooch Pullover.

Tutti-Frutti Baby Set.

Chapter Sixteen: Home Buddies.

Hearts & Stars.

Loopy Landing.


PART THREE: Junk in the Trunk.

Chapter Seventeen: Make the Buy.

Book Reviews.


Enter the Internet.

Free Is for Me.

Suppliers of Featured Yarns.

Chapter Eighteen: Knitters of the World Unite.

All the Fun, with Added Group Benefits.

Swap Shop.


A Knitted Gift Exchange.




Reference Tools.

Designer Bios.


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Author Information

Heather Dixon taught herself to knit at the age of six and never looked back. She studied knitwear design in Nottingham, England, and has had several of her pieces featured in the British press. After working as a freelance designer in Italy, she moved to New York City to become the designer of RELAiS Knitware, a line of contemporary ladies’ sweaters. In her spare time, Heather designs a line of accessories, the patterns for which can be bought from her website, www.armyofknitters.com. She teaches a weekly knit clinic, is a regular at the Tuesday evening meetings of the New York Stitch ’n Bitch, and has patterns featured in Stitch ’n Bitch Nation, The Happy Hooker, Inknitters magazine, and the online magazine Knitty.com.
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Bonus Pattern: Bada Bing Bling
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Bonus Pattern: Urban Jungle
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Bonus Pattern: Night Falls
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