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Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective

ISBN: 978-0-471-97513-7
642 pages
August 1999, ©1999
Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective (0471975133) cover image


Consumer Behaviour is the first truly European consumer behaviour textbook, placing the subject clearly within its economic, psychological, sociological and historical context. The authors provide greater insight for readers by examining both the determinants and the consequences of consumer decision making. Antonides and Van Raaij include numerous examples, cases and sociodemographic data and provide complete coverage of core topics together with important new ones. Innovative chapters are included on:
* financial behaviour

* welfare, wellbeing and property

* families and household production

* consumption and the environment

* shopping behaviour.
The authors explore the full consumption cycle, not only the first stages of orientation and procurement, but also the usage and disposal of products.
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Table of Contents

Introduction and Overview.


Demographic Development.

Cultural Development.

Supply and Use of Products and Services.

Consumerism and Consumer Policy.


Perception and Categorization.

Meaning Structure and Values.

Motivation and Consumer Behaviour.

Attitudes and Emotions.

Learning Processes.

Decision Processes.

Situation and Behaviour.


Families and Household Production.

Reference Groups.


Lifestyle and Consumption of Time.

Media Use.

Shopping Behaviour.

Financial Behaviour.

Age Groups and Ethnic Consumer Groups.


Consumer Satisfaction and Complaints.

Consumption and the Environment.

Welfare and Ownership.


Market Segmentation and Product Differentiation.

Consumer Research.


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Author Information

Gerrit Antonides is Associate Professor of Economic Psychology in the Faculty of Economics and a Fellow of the Tinbergen Institute at Erasmus University Rotterdam. W. Fred van Raaij is Professor of Marketing and Marketing Communication, and Director of the research institute Erasm at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Includes examples and data from a wide range of European countries
  • Written from the perspective of the consumer
  • Fred van Raaij is one of the most highly regarded European marketing academics
  • Includes innovative chapters on welfare and property, meaning and consumer research
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Instructors Resources
Consumer Behaviour - Powerpoint CD t/a
Instructor's Resource CD- contains 300 PowerPoint Slides including figures from the text and additional figures and data
Instructor's Manual
Lecturer resource containing case teaching notes for all cases included
Available Materials
by Gerrit Antonides (Editor), W. Fred van Raaij (Editor)
July 1999, ©1999, Paperback
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