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Transient Electronics: Pulsed Circuit Technology

ISBN: 978-0-471-97773-5
288 pages
August 2002
Transient Electronics: Pulsed Circuit Technology  (047197773X) cover image


Passive Pulse Generators are circuits used to generate very high power electrical pulses. Such pulses find application in a wide range of disciplines, including plasma generation, gas laser physics and radar.
* Includes two introductory chapters on techniques used to analyse passive pulse generators
* Includes worked examples
A valuable reference resource for specialist undergraduates, post graduate students and researchers active in the field og pulsed power and areas where pulsed power is applied, including physicists, engineers and those with an interest in waste and materials processing.
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Table of Contents


Mathematical Techniques for Pulse and Transient Circuit Analysis.

Transmission Line Theory and Transient Response.

Pulse-forming Lines.

Pulse-forming Networks.

Pulse Transformers.

Transmission Line Pulse Transformers.

Pulse Generators using Capacitive and Inductive Energy Storage.

Nonlinear Pulsed Circuits.

Appendix: Table of Laplace Transforms.

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"...recommended..." (Choice, Vol. 40, No. 7, March 2003)
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