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Strategic Sourcing of Information Systems: Perspectives and Practices

ISBN: 978-0-471-97787-2
408 pages
February 1998, ©1998
Strategic Sourcing of Information Systems: Perspectives and Practices (047197787X) cover image


This book provides a forum of current thinking by prominent scholars and practitioners from around the globe. Edited and with a lengthy introduction by two internationally recognised experts in this field, the book's coverage includes: Selective Outsourcing, Total Outsourcing, Total Insourcing, IT department as a trading agency, Offshore Development. Theoretical perspectives allow critical variables to be extracted in order to explain successful or unsuccessful decisions, while decision frameworks and case studies provide guidelines on which sourcing options to select, and how to manage outsourcing arrangements.
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Table of Contents

The Sourcing and Outsourcing of IS: Shock of the New?

(L. Willcocks & M. Lacity).


The Outsourcing of Information Services: Transforming the Nature of Business in the Information Industry (T. Clark, et al.).

Towards a Theoretically-Based Contingency Model of Information Systems Outsourcing (V. Grover, et al.).

Can Game Theory Help Us To Understand Information Service Outsourcing Contracts?

(R. Elitzur & A. Wensley).

The External Acquisition of Information Systems Knowledge (H. Scarbrough).

A Framework for IS Outsourcing Strategy in Private and Public Sector Contexts (J. Cronk & J. Sharp).

A Risk-Return Model for Information Technology Outsourcing Decisions (J. Jurison).


Financial and Strategic Motivations Behind IS Outsourcing (K. McLellan, et al.).

Information Systems Outsourcing: Theories, Case Evidence and a Decision Framework (L. de Looff).

Outsourcing Practices and Views of America's Most Effective IS Users (M. Sobol & U. Apte).

The Management of Partnership Development in IS Outsourcing (R. Klepper).

Setting Up Outsourced Information Technology Service Companies (T. Reponen).

Failure in Software Outsourcing: A Case Analysis (S. Ang & S. Toh).

Problems and Issues in Offshore Development of Software (T. Rajkumar & D. Dawley).

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