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Geocomputation: A Primer

Paul A. Longley (Editor), Sue M. Brooks (Editor), Rachael McDonnell (Editor), Bill MacMillan (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-98575-4
290 pages
November 1998
Geocomputation: A Primer (0471985759) cover image
Geocomputation A Primer edited by Paul A Longley Sue M Brooks Rachael McDonnell School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, UK and Bill Macmillan School of Geography, University of Oxford, UK This book encompasses all that is new in geocomputation. It is also a primer - that is, a book which sets out the foundations and scope of this important emergent area from the same contemporary perspective. The catalyst to the emergence of geocomputation is the new and creative application of computers to devise and depict digital representations of the Earth's surface. The environment for geocomputation is provided by geographical information systems (GIS), yet geocomputation is much more than GIS. Geocomputation is a blend of research-led applications which emphasise process over form, dynamics over statics, and interaction over passive response. This book presents a timely blend of current research and practice, written by the leading figures in the field. It provides insights to a new and rapidly developing area, and identifies the key foundations to future developments. It should be read by all who seek to use geocomputational methods for solving real world problems.
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Foundations (P. Longley).

Geocomputation in Context (H. Couclelis).


Remote Sensing: From Data to Understanding (P. Curran, et al.).

Different Data Sources and Diverse Data Structures: Metadata and Other Solutions (M. Goodchild).


Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis in a Geocomputational Environment (L. Anselin).

Building Automated Geographical Analysis and Explanation Machines (S. Openshaw).


Visualising Different Geofutures (K. Clarke).

Modelling Virtual Environments (M. Batty, et al.).


Dynamic Modelling and Geocomputation (P. Burrough).

On the Status and Opportunities for Physical Process Modelling in Geomorphology (S. Brooks & M. Anderson).

On Complex Geographical Space: Computing Frameworks for Spatial Diffusion Processes (A. Cliff & P. Haggett).

Epilogue (B. Macmillan).

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