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General Aspects of the Chemistry of Radicals

Zeev B. Alfassi (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-471-98760-4
576 pages
May 1999
General Aspects of the Chemistry of Radicals (0471987603) cover image
General Aspects of the Chemistry of Radicals Edited by Z. B. Alfassi Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel Free radicals are used as reactive intermediates in a wide range of organic syntheses as well as playing an important role in biological systems and industrial processes. Free radical chemistry is a rapidly developing area, with applications not only in chemistry but also in processes related to the environment, biology, drug research and medicine. General Aspects of the Chemistry of Radicals is an introductory book, discussing methods of formation and detection of free radicals, the rate of their reactions and their thermochemistry. The book closely examines the reactivity of free radical reactions, rate constants and temperature dependence, important in predicting the behaviour of yet unstudied systems and validating reaction mechanisms. General Aspects of the Chemistry of Radicals is written for researchers working in environmental and material sciences, organic, inorganic and physical organic chemistry. It will also be of interest to biochemists and molecular biologists working with the effects of free radicals on living systems.
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EPR Spectroscopy: The Basics (G. Buettner).

Measurements of Rate Constants for Radical Reactions in the Gas Phase (T. Wallington & O. Nielsen).

Measurements of Rate Constants for Radical Reactions in the Liquid Phase (G. Buxton).

Models for Abstraction and Addition Reactions of Free Radicals (E. Denisov).

Combination and Disproportionation of Free Radicals (Z. Alfassi).

Radical Ions: Generation, Characterization and Reactions (J. Gbicki & A. Marcinek).

Free Radical Polymerization and Chain Reactions (O. Ito).

Reactions of Free Radicals in Supercritical Fluids (J. Chateauneuf).

Numerical Simulations of Free Radical Dynamics (E. Bittner).

Thermochemistry of Organic Free Radicals (N. Cohen).

Measurement of Reduction Potentials of Inorganic Radicals in Aqueous Solution (D. Stanbury).

Measurement and Estimation of Redox Potentials of Organic Radicals (K. Daasbjerg, et al.).

Correlations Between Rate Parameters and Molecular Properties (G. Marston, et al.).

Empirical Correlational Solvent Effect on Free Radical Chemistry (Z. Alfassi).

Organic Synthesis by Radical Reactions (C. Chatgilialoglu & P. Renaud).

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