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Language Acquisition: A Linguistic Introduction

ISBN: 978-0-631-17386-1
236 pages
August 1991, Wiley-Blackwell
Language Acquisition: A Linguistic Introduction (0631173862) cover image
This text is an up-to-date introduction to language acquisition, designed to meet the needs of advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students in linguistics and cognitive science. It is the first language acquisition text to be written from the perspective of recent theoretical linguistics, and uses Chomskyan generative grammar as a framework for description. Taking models and analyses from generative phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics, Professor Goodluck describes children's language acquisition using examples from a variety of languages. Further chapters take up central questions concerning cognitive mechanisms by which children process language and form rules, the nature of the input to the language learner, and the relation between language development and other aspects of cognitive development.

The book is extensively illustrated with models and figures, and each chapter is followed by questions for discussion and suggestions for further reading. It also includes a full bibliography.

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Preface and Acknowledgements.

1. Introduction: Linguistics and Language Acquisition.

2. Phonological Acquisition.

3. Morphological Development and Innovation.

4. The Acquisition of Syntax.

5. Further Aspects of Syntactic and Semantic Development.

6. Cognition, Environment and Language Learning.

7. Performance Development.


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Helen Goodluck is Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Ottawa.
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