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Caliphs and Kings: Spain, 796-1031

ISBN: 978-0-631-18184-2
328 pages
May 2012, Wiley-Blackwell
Caliphs and Kings: Spain, 796-1031  (0631181849) cover image


Roger Collins, a leading historian, investigates a time in Spanish history known for its multi-religious society - when Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in apparent harmony - revealing a fuller, more complex picture of this fascinating period. 

  • Presents new ideas and interpretations of a fascinating yet much misunderstood period of Spanish and Islamic history
  • A broad and complex treatment of the tenure of the Umayyad dynasty in Spain
  • Debunks myths and investigates the historiography of existing scholarship of the period
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Table of Contents

Genealogies viii

Maps xi

Introduction 1

1 Al-Andalus:War and Society, 796–888 14

2 The Asturian Kingdom: Chroniclers and Kings, 791–910 50

3 The Christians of al-Andalus 83

4 Monks, Books, and Saints in the Christian North 104

5 Al-Andalus: Local Government versus the Capital, 888–928 121

6 TheKingdomofLe´ on, 910–1037 138

7 Al-Andalus: Umayyad Triumph and Disaster, 912–1031 166

8 The Kingdom of Navarre and the Pyrenean Counties, 799–1035 205

9 The County of Castile, c.860–1037 238

Bibliography 257

Glossary 300

Acknowledgments 302

Index 304

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Author Information

Formerly a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in the University of Edinburgh, Roger Collins is now a Fellow in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology of the University of Edinburgh. He has published widely in medieval Spanish and European history, and his books include: The Basques (Blackwell, 1986), The Arab Conquest of Spain, 710797 (Blackwell, 1989), Oxford Archaeological Guide to Spain (1998), Charlemagne (1998), Visigothic Spain, 409711 (Blackwell, 2004), and, most recently, Keepers of the Keys of Heaven: A History of the Papacy (2009). 

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“A blessing for faculty, but also a very useful introduction for students.”  (H-Soz-u-Kult, March 2014)

“Caliphs and Kings: Spain, 796–1031is a book for readers who seek interesting stories culled from Christian historical sources from the period from 796–1031, rather than for those who seek a book on the caliphal aspects of the same period.” (Project Muse, 1 June 2014)

“Supported by useful royal genealogies and a vast bibliography. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All levels/libraries.” (Choice, 1 November 2012)

‘Dr Collins has provided a commendably clear, insightful and scholarly guide to the Umayyad period in Iberia. This latest volume maintains the high standard of Wiley-Blackwell's distinguished History of Spain series.’ —Simon Barton, University of Exeter

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