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Ramesside Inscriptions, Volume II, Ramesses II, Royal Inscriptions: Translated and Annotated, Notes and Comments

ISBN: 978-0-631-18435-5
704 pages
December 1998, Wiley-Blackwell
Ramesside Inscriptions, Volume II, Ramesses II, Royal Inscriptions: Translated and Annotated, Notes and Comments (063118435X) cover image


This volume provides an entirely fresh, comprehensive treatment of the Battle of Qadesh and all the other wars and campaigns of Ramesses II.
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Table of Contents


Abbreviations and Sigla.


By Way of Introduction.

Part I: Ramesses II:.

The Wars of Ramesses II.

Dated Documents.

Undated War-Scenes: Thebes and Upper Egypt.

Triumph-Scenes and Lists: Lower Egypt.

Undated War-Scenes and Lists: Nubian Temples.

Levantine Stelae.

Documents of Peace.

'Rhetorical' Stelae.

Works of Peace.

Burials odf the Sacred Bulls.

The Royal Jubilees (Sed-Festivals).

Other Dated Inscriptions.

Other Royal Monuments- Geographical Series.

Part II: East Delta:.

Eastern Approaches.

The Delta Residence.

Other East-Delta Sites.

Part III: Central Delta: .



Part IV: West Delta: .

Part V: The Libyan Marches:.

Part VI: Heliopolis: .

Part VII: Memphis: .

Part VIII: Middle to Upper Egypt: .

Part IX: Abydos: .

Part X: Thebes:.

Karnak: Temples of Montu/Maat, Amun, Mut.

Luxor: Temple of Amun.

Part XI: Thebes: West Bank:.

Qurneh: Temple of Sethos I.

The Ramesseum.

Valley of Kings, Deir el-Medina and Others.

Part XII: Nubia:.

Miscellaneous and Minor Monuments (Royal).

Documents of the Reign.

Part XIII: Royal Family: .

Queen - Mother Tuya.

The Queens-Consort.

Queen Nefertari.

Queen Istnofret.

Queen Hentmire.

Queen Maathorneferure and her sister.

The List of Princes.

Monuments of Individual Princes.

The Lists of Princesses.

Monuments of Individual Princesses.

Part XIV: Addenda et Corrigenda: .


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Author Information

K. A. Kitchen was formerly Brunner Professor of Egyptology in the University of Liverpool, where he taught for 40 years. During that time, he worked extensively in Egypt, recording the texts for the hieroglyphic edition of Ramesside Inscriptions, I-VIII (B. H. Blackwell, 1969-1990), that is the basis for the Translations and volumes now being issued. He has also produced a major book on Egyptian chronology for later Egypt (1100-650 BC), a classic popular "Life and Times" of Ramesses II, and a comprehensive Catalogue of the notable Egyptian collection in Rio de Janeiro; other books on archaeology and the Bible; and recently the first of a series in Ancient (pre-Islamic) Arabia, besides innumerable articles and reviews. He has lectured worldwide in these various spheres of enquiry.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • An indispensable source of information and scholarship on one of the most important periods of Egyptian history.

  • Notes and commenst related directly to Kitchen's Translations.
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