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The Blanchot Reader

Michael Holland (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-631-19084-4
340 pages
October 1995, Wiley-Blackwell
The Blanchot Reader (0631190848) cover image


Maurice Blanchot remains a writer whose work, though often cited, is little-known to the English-speaking reader.
In The Blanchot Reader Michael Holland answers that urgent need and does so in a way that provides a coherent perspective on what by any standard is an extraordinary personal and intellectual career.
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Table of Contents




Part I: How is Literature Possible?:.

1. The Silence of Writers (1941).

2. The Search for Tradition (1941).

3. The Beginnings of the Novel (1938).

4. The Recent Novel (1941).

5. The Pure Novel (1943).

6. Mallarme and the Art of the Novel (1943).

7. How is Literature Possible?(1943).

8. The Novel is a Work of Bad Faith (1947).

9. Sade's Reason (1947).

Part II: The Turning-Point: .

10. Madness par excellence (1951).

11. Artaud (1956) . 13. The Pursuit of the Zero Point (1953).

14. The Death of the Last Writer (1955).

15. The Great Hoax (1958).

16. Essential Perversion (1958).

17. On a Change of Epoch (1960).

Part III: Our Responsibility:.

18. The Right to Insubordination (1960).

19. Disorderly Words (1968).

20. Intellectuals under Scrutiny (1984).

21. The Indestructible (i) Being Jewish (1962), (ii) Humankind (1962).

22.'Do Not Forget' (1986).

Part IV: The Step Beyond:.

23. The Name Berlin (1961).

24. The Conquest of Space (1961).

25. Waiting (1959).

26. The Exigency of Return (1969).

27. The Exigency of Return (1970).

28. Oh All To End (1990).

29. The Ease of Dying (1969).

30. Thanks (Be Given) to Jacques Derrida (1990).

Blanchot in English by Peter C. Hoy.


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Author Information

Michael Holland is a Fellow of St Hugh's College, Oxford, and a Lecturer in French at Oxford University. He is soon to publish the first comprehensive study of Maurice Blanchot's life as a writer.
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The Wiley Advantage

* This book provides the only comprehensive introduction to date.
* The reader covers Blanchot's work on fiction, criticism, politics and philosophy.
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