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A Comprehensive Spanish Grammar

ISBN: 978-0-631-19087-5
700 pages
January 1996, ©1995, Wiley-Blackwell
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This is a much-needed, definitive grammar for all students of Spanish. Balancing a respect for established tradition with an awareness of current usage, A Comprehensive Spanish Grammar is both authoritative and stimulating in its approach. The book covers topics from basic pronunciation and the use of the noun, to particular problem areas, such as difficulties with verbs and word order. Special sections examine regional diversity within the language, and attention is paid throughout to the inclusion of Latin-American Spanish.
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Table of Contents



1. Pronunciation.

2. The Article.

3. The Noun.

4. The Adjective.

5. Numerals.

6. Personal Pronouns.

7. Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives.

8. Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives.

9. Relatives.

10. Interrogative and Exclamatory Pronouns and Adjectives.

11. Indefinite Pronouns and Adjectives.

12. Impersonal Expressions.

13. The Adverb.

14. Comparative Constructions.

15. Prepositions.

16. Constructions with Verbs and Nouns.

17. Conjunctions.

18. The Verb - Conjugation.

19. Uses of the Tenses.

20. The Passive.

21. Use of the Moods.

22. The Impersonal Forms of the Verb.

23. Special Problems with Spanish Verbs.

24. Subject-Verb Concord.

25. Syntax of Negative Elements.

26. Word Order.

27. Affective Suffixes.



Word Index.

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Author Information

Jacques de Bruyne is Charles V Professor of Spanish at Rijksuniversiteit Gent and a Corresponding Member of the Royal Spanish Academy.

Christopher J. Pountain is University Lecturer in Romance Philology at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Queens' College.

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The Wiley Advantage

  • A definitive grammar for all students of Spanish
  • Balances respect for tradition with awareness of current usage
  • Integrates Latin-American and other regional varieties of the language.
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"Comprehensive this indeed is, with frequent attention to substandard, variant and regional usages, to developments currently observable, and of course to the language of Spanish-speaking America. The exposition is admirably organized with clear typefaces on uncluttered pages, and is mercifully jargon-free so as to be accessible to all categories of user."
--Colin Smith, Emeritus Professor of Spanish, University of Cambridge

"A Comprehensive Spanish Grammar is an excellent reference book which I can wholeheartedly recommend for use by English-speaking users of Spanish, including those teaching it as a foreign language. This book is well worth acquiring for a variety of categories of English-speaking people who are mastering or have mastered the basics of Spanish."
--Neile A. Kirk, University of Melbourne, Australia

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