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Understanding Companies and Markets: A Strategic Approach

ISBN: 978-0-631-19099-8
320 pages
September 1994, Wiley-Blackwell
Understanding Companies and Markets: A Strategic Approach (0631190996) cover image


This path-breaking new textbook brings together the two key areas of business policy and industrial economics to provide students with a powerful new framework for understanding the factors which influence a firm's choice of strategy and the market consequences of these strategic choices.
An ideal text for students of business strategy and industrial economics. A lecturer's manual is available free of charge to adopters.
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Table of Contents

Introduction. 1. Business Strategy: An Overview. 2. Industrial Economics: An Overview. 3. Company Objectives. 4. Company Management and Organisation. 5. Horizontal Expansion. 6. Vertical Expansion. 7. Conglomerate Expansion. 8. A Framework for Analyzing Markets and Competitiveness. 9. Costs. 10. Prices. 11. Product Differentiation. 12. Market Entry and Exit. 13. Multinational Companies. 14. Market Performance and Public Policy. Index.
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Author Information

Bryan Lowes is Lecturer in Managerial Economics, Christopher L. Pass is Lecturer in Management Economics and Stuart M. Sanderson is Senior Lecturer in Business Policy all at the Management Centre, University of Bradford, UK.
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The Wiley Advantage

* To aid student learning there are boxed examples throughout the text. In addition, there are a number of examination type questions at the end of each chapter.
* One of the first texts to integrate industrial economics and business strategy into one volume. This reflects the growing teaching trend in both disciplines where it is recognized that business students require a knowledge of basic economic theory and economics students require a knowledge of basic corporate strategy.
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