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Life in Fragments: Essays in Postmodern Morality

ISBN: 978-0-631-19267-1
300 pages
June 1995, Wiley-Blackwell
Life in Fragments: Essays in Postmodern Morality (0631192670) cover image


Life in Fragments is a continuation of the themes and motifs explored in Zygmunt Bauman's acclaimed study, Postmodern Ethics (Blackwell, 1993). Described by Richard Sennett as a major event in social theory, Postmodern Ethics subverted the pieties of subversion which rule the postmodern imagination, arguing for an ethic of being with the Other, beyond the fashionable imperative of anything goes or the deconstruction of identity through difference.
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Table of Contents

Introduction: In Search of Postmodern Reason.

1 Morality without Ethics.

2 Forms of Togetherness.

3 Broken Lives, Broken Strategies.

4 A Catalogue of Postmodern Fears.

5 The Stranger Revisited - and Revisiting.

6 Violence, Postmodern.

7 Tribal Moralities.

8 Morality and Politics.


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