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Handbook of Public Services Management

ISBN: 978-0-631-19345-6
316 pages
January 1994, Wiley-Blackwell
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The Handbook of Public Services Management brings together twenty leading contributors to cover all the key issues affecting public services management. It is organized in a practical way to help students and professionals approach strategic issues.
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Table of Contents

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Part I: Evaluating Public Services. .

1. Evaluating the Performance of Central Government: John Brown.

2. Assessing the Performance of Schools: Brian Wilcox.

3. Evaluating Health Services: from Value for Money to the Valuing of Health Services: Andrew F. Long.

4. The Audit Commission: Mary Henkel.

5. An Overview of the Use of Performance Indicators in Local Government: David Burningham.

Evaluating Public Services: Reflections: Stephen Harrison and Christopher Pollitt.

Part II: Controlling Public Service Professionals. .

6. Controlling Doctors: Brain Edwards.

7. The Case of Local Authority Social Workers: Alan Butler.

8. The Management of Staff: the Case of the London Fire Brigade: Graham Salaman.

Controlling Public Service Professionals: Reflections: Stephen Harrison and Christopher Pollitt.

Part III: New Approaches to Resource Management. .

9. Local Management of Schools; a New System of Resource Allocation and Accountability: Rosalind Levacic.

10. Resource Management in Universities: John Sizer.

11. The Civil Service and The Financial Management Initiatives: Andrew Grey and Bill Jenkins.

12. Changes in Resource Management in the Social Services: Norman Warner.

13. Resource Management in the National Health Service: David Symes.

14. New Approaches to Resource Management: Reflections. Stephen Harrison and Christopher Pollitt.

Part IV: Strategic Management.

15. Organizational Design and Development: the Civil Service in the 1980s: Kate Jenkins.

16. Organizing the Strategic Management: the Personal social Services: Gerald Wistow.

17. Strategic Management in Local Government and the NHS: Rodney Brooke.

18. The Organizational Structure of the Police: Roy Wilkie.

19. Strategic Management in the Prison Service: Chris J. Train and Christine Stewart.

20. Strategic Management in Social Service: Norman Tutt, Jean Neale and William Warburton.

21. Strategic Management: Reflections: Stephen Harris and Christopher Pollitt.

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Author Information

Christopher Pollitt has worked as a Whitehall civil servant, an academic and a consultant to many public service organizations. He is currently Professor of Government at Brunel University and Director of the Centre for Evaluation of Public Policy and Practice (CEPP).

Stephen Harrison has had a varied management career in the public and private sectors. Since 1978 he has taught at the University of Leeds' Nuffield Institute for Health, specializing in the politics of health and social services at both governmental and organizational levels.

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"A welcome and timely continuation ... the breadth and choice of examples provide a solid sense of the major developments of the last 13 years across the public sector." MR and AMA News

"Highly recommended." Asian Journal of Public Administration.

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