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The Restoration: England in the 1660s

ISBN: 978-0-631-19574-0
288 pages
October 2002, Wiley-Blackwell
The Restoration: England in the 1660s (0631195742) cover image
This cultural history challenges the standard depiction of the 1660s as the beginning of a new age of stability, demonstrating that the decade following the Restoration was just as complex and exciting as the revolutionary years that preceded it.
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List of Illustrations.

List of Abbreviations.

A Note on Conventions, Procedures and Dates.


1. The Return of the King (1658-60).

2. The Restoration Year (1660-61).

3. Great Zerubbabel: Charles and the Convention (1660).

4. Royal Servants: Clarendon and the Cavalier Parliament (1661-67).

5. Fathers in God: the Church of England.

6. 'The patience of heroic fortitude': nonconformity, sedition and.


7. 'Luxury with Charles restor?': the temper of the times.

8. 'Male and female created he them'..


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N. H. Keeble is Professor of English Studies and Deputy Principal at the University of Stirling. He is the author of Richard Baxter: Puritan Man of Letters (1982) and The Literary Culture of Nonconformity in Later Seventeenth-Century England (1987). He has compiled a two-volume Calendar of the Correspondence of Richard Baxter (1991, with Geoffrey F. Nuttall) and has edited texts by Baxter, John Bunyan and Lucy Hutchinson, as well as collections of essays on Bunyan and an anthology illustrating The Cultural Identity of Seventeenth-Century Woman (1994).
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  • Challenges the standard depiction of the 1660s as the beginning of a new age of stability.

  • Presents the Restoration as a process rather than an event.

  • Demonstrates that the 1660s were multi-faceted, dynamic and exciting.

  • Offers a topic-based cultural history, rather than a straightforward chronological account.

  • Uses contemporary accounts, allowing readers to hear the voices of the age speak in their own words.
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"In this compelling and stylish book, N.H. Keeble explores the political miracle of the Restoration. Using a plethora of diaries and memoirs, poetry and polemic, Keeble helps us listen to the voices of that intensely introspective era."
Mark Goldie, Churchill College, Cambridge

"A stimulating overview of one of the most intriguing decades of English history. Generous use of apt, often colourful quotations from contemporary sources gives the book a refreshing air and makes for a compelling read. Keeble's effective use of the latest scholarship adds to the book's value, making it an excellent introduction to the period and essential reading for those interested in the Stuart period."
Richard L. Greaves, Florida State University

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