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Northern Ireland Since 1968, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-631-20084-0
160 pages
June 1996, Wiley-Blackwell
Northern Ireland Since 1968, 2nd Edition (0631200843) cover image


This second edition of Northern Ireland since 1968 provides a concise, thematic overview of the Northern Ireland conflict and its proposed solutions from the beginnings of the 'Troubles' up to the present day. Updated and expanded to include coverage of recent developments such as the publication of the Joint Declaration of 1993 and the Framework Documents of 1995, the book offers a clear analysis of the latest initiatives in the peace process and the local and international contexts within which these have evolved. The new edition includes an updated chronology of events and guide to further reading as well as an expanded list of dramatis personae making it the ideal introduction to the history of this most troubled region. It will be essential reading for students of contemporary history, politics and international relations.
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Table of Contents

General Editor's Preface.

Preface to Second Edition.

List of Abbreviations.

1 Introduction.

2 The Northern Ireland Political Landscape.

3 A Place Apart.

4 Unionist Politics.

5 Nationalist Politics.

6 Keeping the Peace.

7 The International Dimension.

8 Politics as Process.

9 Conclusion.

Appendix: Deaths Caused by the Violence in Northern Ireland, 1969-1994.

Outline Chronology.

Dramatis Personae.

Further Reading.


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