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Caring: Nurses, Women and Ethics

ISBN: 978-0-631-20211-0
312 pages
May 1997, Wiley-Blackwell
Caring: Nurses, Women and Ethics (0631202110) cover image


This volume provides a critical introduction to contemporary attempts to base nursing ethics on a feminine 'ethics of care'.
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Table of Contents


1. Two Nurses.

2. A History of Subservience.

3. Advocacy or Subservience for the Sake of the Patients?.

4. Ethics.

5. Women and Ethics - Is Morality Gendered?.

6. Care Versus Justice : An Old Debate in New Clothes?.

7."Yes" to Caring - but "No" to a Nursing Ethics of Care.

8. Just Caring at the End of Life.

9. Nursing - The Slumbering Giant.


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Author Information

Helga Kuhse is the Director of the Centre for Human Bioethics at Monash University, Australia. She has published widely in the field of bioethics and is editor of Monash Bioethics Review and, with Peter Singer, co-editor of the international journal Bioethics.
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The Wiley Advantage

* Links the history of nursing and of women to contemporary developments in ethics.
* Provocative intervention in contemporary debates about voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide.
* Provides comprehensive critique of the "Ethics of Care".
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"This book is provocative and a 'must' for all nurses who are or ought to be engaged in nurse ethics." Ulla Fasting, Nursing Ethics

"Kuhse's book is a contribution to the professionalisation of the nurses and contributes also to the improvement of the ethical discourses regarding end-of-life discussions in clinical care." Marieke Janssen, Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy

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