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The State of the Earth: Contemporary Geographic Perspectives

ISBN: 978-0-631-20243-1
352 pages
October 1997, Wiley-Blackwell
The State of the Earth: Contemporary Geographic Perspectives (0631202439) cover image


The focus of this text is topical. It brings geography to life in treating actual problems and critises in the contemporary world.
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Table of Contents



1. Geographical Thought Through the Ages: Prof. Horacio Capel, Barcelona.

2. Geographical Perspectives: Dr. Peter Gould.

3. Geographical Theories: Reginald G. Golledge.

4. Geographical Methodology: Prof. Alan M. Hay, Sheffield.

5. Human Transformation of the Earth's Surface and the Use (and Misuse) of Natural Resources: Prof. Neil Roberts.

6. Climatic Changes and the Future of the Human Environment: Dr. Vladimir M. Kotlyakov.

7. Environmental Hazards, Natural Disasters and Societal Responses: Prof. Susan Cutter.

8. The Global Challenge of Migrations and Rising Population Densities: Dr. H. Ramachandran, Mussoorie.

9. Market Forces, Cultural Factors and Locational Processes: Prof. David M. Smith.

10. Modes of Production and Areal Differentiation: Prof. Milton Santos.

11. Transportation, Trade, Tourism and the World Economy System: Prof Gabriel Wachermann.

12. Spatial Financial Flows and the Growth of the Modern Industrial City: Dr. Nigel Thrift.

13. The Information Revolution and Future Global Geography: Prof. Vladimir Tikunov.

14. Exploration, Mapping and the Modernization of State Power: Dr. Marcelo Escolar.

15. Spatial Planning and National Development: Dr. Maurice Daly, Australia.

16. Core-periphery Relations in the Era of Globalization: Bertha Becker, Rio De Janeiro.

17. Multinational Corporations and the Possible Demise of the Nation-state: Prof. Peter Dicken.

18. Geography in the Age of Megacities: Yeu-man Yeung.

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The Wiley Advantage

* Complete coverage of the discipline of geography in relation to its focus on real-world issues and problems.
* Based on original contributions by the world's leading geographers.
* Written by Africa's foremost geographical scholars.
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