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The Creation of a University System

ISBN: 978-0-631-20300-1
224 pages
March 1997, Wiley-Blackwell
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This volume brings together a selection of articles published over the fifty year life of the Universities/Higher Education Quarterly which provides a critical overview of the development of university and non-university higher education over the post-War period and of the policy debates which occurred at various points.
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Table of Contents


The Creation of the British University System: Michael Shattock (University of Warwick).

Part I: There is no University 'System' in Britain: .

1. The Universities and the Government: Ernest Simon.

2. A Historical Document: Statement by the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals 1946: Editorial.

3. Student Numbers 1911 to 1971: Ernest Simon.

4. University Admissions: Report of an Inquiry: R. K. Kelsall.

5. British Universities and Intellectual Life: A. H. Halsey.

6. The Growth of Higher Education: S. Zuckerman.

7. Too Few Academic Eggs: B. V. Bowden.

8. Observations on the American University: Edward Shils.

Part II: Robbins and After: .

9. First Reactions to the Robbins Report: Charles Morris.

10. The Academic Hierarchy: Robbins, Appendix Three: A. H. Halsey.

11. A Question of Size and Shape: Martin Trow.

12. Review of the Uses of the University : Charles Morris.

13. Notes on New Univerisities: British and American: David Riesman.

14. Dualism in Higher Education: Peter Venables.

15. The Education of Ministers of State: Alec Merrison.

Part III: The Assertion of State Control: .

16. University Financing 1979-86: Peter Moore.

17. Academic Standards and Mass Higher Education: Martin Trow.

18. Policy on Higher Education and Research: Peter Swinnerton-Dyer.

19. Elegant and Democratic Values: Will the New English Universities Gel: Christopher Price.

20. Reflections on the British Government and Higher Education: Richard Bird.

21. The White Paper - Higher Education: A New Framework: Editorial.

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Author Information

Michael Shattock has been General Editor of the Higher Education Quarterly since 1986 and is the author of The UGC and the Management of British Universities published by the Open University Press in 1994. He has written widely about higher education and has also played an active role in its development both as Registrar of the University of Warwick and in relation to various commissioned inquiries and membership of national bodies.
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The Wiley Advantage

* Tackles current policy dilemmas in higher education.
* Presents a series of alternative views in their historical context.
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"Provides useful background information which will help fuel vigorous, well-informed and open-minded debate on the future of higher education into the 21st century" New Scientist
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