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Oliver Cromwell

ISBN: 978-0-631-20480-0
280 pages
July 1997, Wiley-Blackwell
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An assessment of the man and myth, exploring the legends which surround Cromwell and the differing interpretations.
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Table of Contents


List of Maps.

Part I: Introduction:.

1. The Man and the Myth.

Pert II: The Life and Career:.

2. Early Life, 1599-1642.

3. The First Civil War, 1642-46.

4. Politics and the Army, 1646-49.

5. Enemies and Divisions, 1649-53.

6. Head of State , 1653-58.

Part III: Conclusions:.

7. The Faces of Cromwell.

Select Bibliography.



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Author Information

Peter Gaunt is Senior Lecturer in History at University College Chester. He is also Chairman of The Cronwell Association.

Historical Association Studies are incisive essays on major historical topics. Intended for students, books in the series provide critical interpretations of research in some of the central themes and key episodes of history.

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The Wiley Advantage

*Provides a fresh and provocative assessment of one of the leading figures of British history. *
Interweaves interpretative narrative of Cornwall's life with an in-depth assessment of his long-term historical narrative. *
Draws from original source material throughout, explaining the difficulties faced in handling contemporary evidence.
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"Clearly written, well organized and suffused with human interest, this new study will prove deservedly popular in sixth forms and university courses." History <!--end-->

"This book is as disciplined, vivid and vigorous as the man it celebrates. Gaunt offers a convincing interpretation of Cromwell's life and a shrewd assessment of his achievement." John Morrill, Vice Master and Reader in Early Modern History, Selwyn College, Cambridge

"A carefully written and well argued account." The Times

"A new and controversial account of one of the pivotal figures in British history. This scholarly account is nonetheless interesting and informative." Rachel Dickinson, Waterstone's, Richmond, in The Bookseller

"A concise but thick-textured and comprehensive reconsideration of a character, a career, a life and a reputation, making no claim to be definitive - each generation commands its own reappraisal - but ensured of an enduring place in the historiography." Ivan Roots, Cromwelliana

"Serious and well researched." The Sunday Times

"Oliver Cromwell is a superb and scholarly biography, and essential reading for any definitive study of 17th century British and Irish history. Midwest Book Review

"The strength of Peter Gaunt's book is that it integrates Cromwell's military and political careers and deals seriously and sensitively with his religion. It is also well written. In his handling of Cromwell's battlefield exploits, Gaunt is superior to virtually all other recent biographers ... Gaunt has written the most useful biography since C. H. Firth's Oliver Cromwell and the Rule of the Puritans appeared in 1900." Albion

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