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Aesthetics: The Big Questions

ISBN: 978-0-631-20593-7
384 pages
November 1998, Wiley-Blackwell
Aesthetics: The Big Questions (0631205934) cover image
Philosophers have considered questions raised by the nature of art, of beauty, and critical appreciation since ancient times, and the discipline of aesthetics has a long tradition that stretches from Plato to the present.
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Part I: What is Art?.

Part II: Experience and Appreciation: How Do We Encounter Art?.

Part III: Aesthetic Evaluation: Who Decides?.

Part IV: Can We Learn from Art?.

Part V: Tragedy, Sublimity, Horror: Why Do We Enjoy Painful Experiences in Art?.

Part VI: Where is the Artist in the Work of Art?
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Carolyn Korsmeyer is Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Buffalo. She is the editor (with Peggy Zeglin Brand) of Feminism and Tradition in Aesthetics (1995) and (with Hilde Hein) Aesthetics in Feminist Perspective (1993) and the author (with Dubois, Kelly, Kennedy, and Robinson) of Feminist Scholarship: Kindling in the Groves of Academe (1985).
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* Presents not only theories but also examples of the kinds of art discussed.

* Includes unusual and yet highly readable material in addition to everything necessary for a standard aesthetics course.

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"An anthology that paired the strongest evidence in favor of the tradition with the strongest evidence against it would have obvious appeal for many teachers of aesthetics, especially those of us who remain genuinely ambivalent about the tradition. That anthology does not yet exist, at least to my knowledge. In the meantime, the next best thing may be to pair this provocative collection with one of its more traditional competitors." James Shelley, American Society for Aesthetics

"Carolyn Korsmeyer has produced a very useful anthology which will undoubtedly become a well used textbook for students of aesthetics and a valuable source of otherwise less readily available texts...the volume is radical in enriching the discipline and Korsmeyer has made the presence of women scholars and feminist theory in philosophy felt in fundamental ways." Melanie Selfe, Women's Philosophy Review, Special Issue no. 25, 2000

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