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The Bible and Literature: A Reader

David Jasper (Editor), Stephen Prickett (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-631-20857-0
352 pages
November 2007, ©1999, Wiley-Blackwell
The Bible and Literature: A Reader (0631208577) cover image
There is no book more important for our culture than the Bible, and it is fundamental to the study of English literature and language.
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General Introduction.

Introductory Essays:.

Biblical and Literary Criticism: A History of Interaction: Stephen Prickett.

Literary Readings of the Bible: Trends in Modern Criticism: David Jasper.

Part I:.

Part II:.

Part III:.

Part IV:.

Part V:.

Part VI:.

Part VII:.

Part VIII:.

Part IX:.

Part X:.

Part XI:.

Part XII:.

Part XIII:.

Part XIV:.

Part XV:.

Part XVI:.

Part XVII:.

Part XVIII:.

General Bibliography.

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David Jasper is Professor in Theology at Glasgow University, Director of the Centre for the Study of Literature and Theology at Glasgow, and general editor of Literature and Theology and International Journal of Theory, Criticism and Culture. He has published widely in the fields of theology and literature.

Stephen Prickett is Regius Professor of English Literature at Glasgow University. Co-editor of the World's Classics Bible, his books include Reading the Text: Biblical Criticism and Literature (1991), Words and 'The Word': Language, poetics and biblical interpretation (1986), Origins of Narrative: The Romantic Appropriation of the Bible (1996). He is a member of the editorial board of Literature and Theology.
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* Provides an accessible introduction to the study of the bible's importance for Western literature.
* Offers students the opportunity to study the intertextual relations between literature and the bible.
* Contains a section of additional suggested reading and a full bibliography.
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"The three introductory essays they provide are approachable, authoritative and full of meat. The selections from scripture are annotated freshly and stirringly; the commentaries which introduce the literary extracts are models of compression, expanding at a later stage in the mind of the reader, as good teaching should" Julian Thompson, Tutor in English, RPC Oxford <!--end-->

"Each biblical passage is carefully introduced, and there is a bibliography for each section. An excellent book!" International Review of Biblical Studies

"A welcome addition to our resources at a time when there is an increasing emphasis on literary reading and narrative theology." Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

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