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Lexical-Functional Syntax

ISBN: 978-0-631-20974-4
460 pages
December 2000, Wiley-Blackwell
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Lexical-Functional Syntax is the definitive text for Lexical-Functional Grammar in the field of syntax. Complete with integrated pedagogy and problem sets to support the text, this book provides an accessible, empirically-motivated treatment of the mathematical architecture of LFG. It also covers the theoretical linguistic ideas that LFG can model, and discusses the wide range of cross-linguistic syntactic phenomena to which it has been applied.
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Table of Contents



Part I: On the Architecture of Universal Grammar:.

1. Nonconfigurationality.

2. Movement Paradoxes.

3. Lexicality and Argument Structure.

Part II: Formally Modelling the Architecture:.

4. A Formal Model of Syntactic Structure.

5. Monotonicity and Some of Its Consequences.

Part III: Inflectional Morphology and Phrase Structure Variation:.

6. A Theory of Structure-Function Mappings.

7. Endocentricity and Heads.

8. Pronoun Incorporation and Agreement.

9. Topicalization and Scrambling.

Part IV: On Functional Structures: Binding, Predication, and Control:.

10. Basic Binding Theory.

11. Types of Bound anaphors.

12. Predication Relations.

13. Anaphoric Control.

14. From Argument Structure to Functional Structure.

Problem Sets and Solutions.



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Author Information

Joan Bresnan is Sadie Dernham Patek Professor of Humanities and Professor of Linguistics at Stanford University and, formerly, at MIT. She is a past-president of the Linguistic Society of America and a member of the Executive Committee of the International Lexical-Functional Grammar Association. She is co-editor, with Alex Alsina and Peter Sells, of Complex Predicates (1997).
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The Wiley Advantage

Offers an alternative approach to formal syntax. Includes typologically rich examples and mathematically clear formalism.Contains problem sets and solutions for self-study.
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"This is a clear, user-friendly, and authoritative presentation of LFG by one its principal architects. Readers of all kinds - neophytes, LFG-insiders, and aficionados of other models - will find much to enthuse and entertain them. This is a major contribution to the theoretical syntactic literature." Nigel Vincent, University of Manchester

"This is a very important book. Bresnan combines her famously lucid prose style, her unobtrusive erudition, and a penetrating grasp of the issues to provide an overview of LFG that will be greatly welcomed by advanced student and researcher alike. The remarkable empirical and theoretical breadth of the work make this essential reading for all serious students of syntax and morphosyntax, regardless of their theoretical persuasion." Andrew Spencer, University of Essex

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