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Sustainable Development: Economics and Policy

ISBN: 978-0-631-20994-2
416 pages
April 2000, Wiley-Blackwell
Sustainable Development: Economics and Policy (0631209948) cover image
Sustainable Development: Economics and Policy applies an interdisciplinary perspective to the latest developments in economic analysis and to policies affecting the global environment and economic development.
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1. A Brief History:.

2. Resources and Environment:.

3. Sustainable Development: Interpretations:.

4. Managing Global Commons:.

5. Poverty and Environment:.

6. Valuing Resources and Future:.

7. Green Accounting:.

8. Debt, Trade and Environment:.

9. Governance and Private Sector:.

10. International Institutions:.

11. Policy Framework:.



Statistical Information.

Additional Bibliography.
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Dr. P. K. Rao is Director of the Center for Development Research of Hyderabad, India, and Princeton, NJ. He has taught at the Administrative Staff College of India, Harvard University (where he was a Senior Fulbright Scholar) and Rutgers University. Dr. Rao has published more than 25 papers in various journals. During the last 20 years, he has worked as project leader/principal investigator on a variety of major research projects supported by the UNDP, the ILO, UNICEF, the World Resources Institute, Rutgers University, the Government of Japan International Cooperation Agency and the Government of India.
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  • Up-to-date, comprehensive and easy-to-digest presentation of complex analytical and methodological issues.

  • Integrated view of debt-poverty-trade environment.

  • Role of endogenous factors in the valuation of future.

  • Discussion of foundations of modern economic logic for analytical models.

  • Role of institutional governance for sustainable development.

  • Extensive inclusion of references for each chapter.

  • Several tables of statistical data.

  • Glossary explains terminology.
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