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Postcolonial Discourses: An Anthology

Gregory Castle (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-631-21004-7
552 pages
February 2001, ©2001, Wiley-Blackwell
Postcolonial Discourses: An Anthology (0631210040) cover image
Emphasising the increasingly regional or national approach to the legacies of colonialism, this Reader provides an entirely new way for students to engage with an important and complex area of discourse.
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Part I: Post-Colonial Discourses: Complicity and Critique.

Part II: Indian Nations: The Conundrum of Difference.

Part III: African Identities: Resistance and Race.

Part IV: Caribbean Encounters: Revolution, Hybridity, Diaspora.

Part V: Rump Commonwealth: Settler Colonies and the "Second World".

Part VI: The Case of Ireland: Inventing Nations.
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Gregory Castle teaches English and Irish literature at Arizona State University. He is the author of Modernism and the Celtic Revival (Cambridge University Press, 2001) as well as numerous essays in Irish studies and postcolonialism.
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  • Provides an entirely new approach to the subject of post-colonialism which will completely re-orientate the field.
  • Unique to this Reader is a section on Ireland which highlights a new approach to resistance to empire.
  • Offers students a sense of the heterogeneity and plurality of the field.
  • Brief headnotes sum up the main thematic and theoretical currents in the region and provide relevant historical, biographical and technical information.
  • Key terms are explained and cross-references to similar essays aid class discussion and research.

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"Gregory Castle has assembled a rich collection of key texts which will succeed in introducing postcolonialism to newcomers (above all students) while at the same time provide a useful store of critical materials for those further into the field (above all lecturers, researchers and scholars). This is a well-gathered collection, representing significant writing over the last 20 or so years, and demonstrating excellent research and a sure knowledge of the field in its choice and arrangement of material. This is a work with a first-rate set of ideas and references. The hardback is an excellent addition to the library shelf and the paperback a must for personal reading, particularly for serious students of the subject." Reference Reviews
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