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Religion in Modern Times: An Interpretive Anthology

Linda Woodhead (Editor), Paul Heelas (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-631-21074-0
536 pages
April 2000, Wiley-Blackwell
Religion in Modern Times: An Interpretive Anthology (0631210741) cover image
This book brings together over 300 important readings on religion in modern times, offering a new framework and language for making sense of religion today.
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Part I: Varieties.


Mapping Cultures.

Religions of Difference.

Religions of Humanity.

Spiritualities of Life.



Part II: Contexts.




Difference, Gendered and Ethnic.

Part III: Trends.







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Linda Woodhead is Lecturer in Christian Studies at Lancaster University. Until recently she was Editor of Studies in Christian Ethics, and she is currently Review Editor of Modern Believing and a co-editor of Cultural Values (Blackwell Publishers).

Paul Heelas is Professor of Religion and Modernity at Lancaster University. He is the author of The New Age Movement (Blackwell Publishers, 1996) and editor of Religion, Modernity and Postmodernity (Blackwell Publishers, 1998).

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* Includes over 300 readings looking at religion's encounter with the forces of modernization.
* Takes a global approach.
* Explores the opposing dynamics which characterise religion in our times.
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"Taken as a whole, this anthology is highly illuminating. Despite its size, it is eminently readable. It is detailed, well structured, and well argued, compiled by editors who "know their stuff". However, a great strength also lies in the fact that it can be "dipped" into and used as a tool for examining particular issues or for exploring interesting avenues. It is thought-provoking and provides the reader with options for further reading and research. Although the intention of the volume is ambitious, it provides both the benefits of an edited collection as well as well-argued analysis. It is an important, innovative work that is very timely." Journal of Contemporary Religion


This is an extremely valuable collection. It touches on important issues that will make it very widely used in religious studies, sociology, and cultural studies courses.’ – Robert N. Bellah, University of California at Berkeley

‘If my students were directed to this book, it would be an excellent opportunity for them to browse in areas they would not otherwise have entered into.’ – Eileen Barker, Professor of Sociology, The London School of Economics and Political Science

‘If one wants to use a Reader in the area, I’m sure that this one would be an excellent device.’ – Peter Berger, Director, Institute for the Study of Economic Culture, Boston University

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