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Discourses of the Environment

Eric Darier (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-631-21122-8
292 pages
June 1998, Wiley-Blackwell
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This book is the first to provide students with critical understandings of the environment using a range of theoretical perspectives inspired from Michel Foucault.
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Table of Contents



1. Foucault and The Environment: An Introduction: Eric Darier.

Part I Histories:.

2."The Entry Of Life Into History": Foucault And Ecological Governmentality: Paul Rutherford.

3. Medicine, Health And The Environment: The Construction Of Environmental "Awareness": Isabelle Lanthier And Lawrence Olivier.

4. Sex At The Limits: Population, Environmentalism, And Late Capitalism: Catriona Sandilands.

5. Ecological Modernisation And Environmental Risk: Foucault And Recent Social Theory: Paul Rutherford.

Part II Environmentalities:.

6. Environmentality As Green Governmentality Geo-Power, Eco-Knowledge And Enviro-Discipline As Tactics Of Normalisation: Timothy W. Luke.

7. Northern Plains Boulder Structures: Art And Foucauldian Heterotopias: Thomas Heyd.

8. The Practice Of The Green Subjects: Nature Writing As Self-Technology: Sylvia Bowerbank.

Part III Resistances:.

9. Nature As Dangerous Space: Foucault's Challenge To Marxism, Liberal Humanism And The General Call For 'Grounded Responsibility': Peter Quigley.

10. Foucault's Unnatural Ecology: Neil Levy.

11. Foucault Against Environmental Ethics: Toward A Green Aesthetic Of Existence?: Eric Darier.



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Author Information

Eric Darier is a Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of Environmental Change at Lancaster University (UK) and previously a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Environmental Policy Unit, Queens University, Canada. His publications include Premises about Environmental Studies in Context: Knowledge, Language, History and the Self in Michael D. Metha & Eric Ouellet (Eds.) Environmental Sociology: Theory and Practice (Toronto: Captus Press, 1995) and Time to be Lazy: Work, the Environment and Modern Subjectivities in Time and Society 7(2) September 1998.
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The Wiley Advantage

* The first book to offer critical understandings of discourses of the environment using a range of theoretical perspectives.
* Addresses issues of current public debate.
* Written by an international and interdisciplinary team of contributors.
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"provides a stimulating read and a path through post-structuralist terrain." Yvonne Rydin, London School of Economics

"Discourses of the Environment represents an important contribution to addressing the links between poststructuralism and the environment. The divergent analyses are engaging and should provide material for debate and inquiry. Environmental theorists and practitioners will find this book of benefit, although the novelty of this intellectual effort should diminish as scholars recognise the important links between Foucault and nature." Local Environment

'In Discourses of the Environment Eric Darier brings together nine scholars from a variety of disciplines who are all working on environmental issues from the broad perspective provided by the work of the late Michel Foucault. The result is an important and challenging contribution to the understanding of the environment as a central problem of modern societies and as an object of study across the natural and human sciences.' -- James Tully, University of Victoria

'Darier's Discourses of the Environment makes a major contributors to a debate that really deserves to be broader than it has been. Bringing the breakthrough political theory of Michel Foucault to the environmental movement, the book is so compelling that it makes one wonder why such an approach has been so rare.' --Bill Chaloupka, University of Montana


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