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Philosophy of Mind: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-631-21205-8
288 pages
October 1998, Wiley-Blackwell
Philosophy of Mind: An Introduction, 2nd Edition (0631212051) cover image
Philosophy of Mind: An Introduction is a lively and accessible introduction to one of philosophy's most active and important areas of research.
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Preface to the Second Edition.


Part I: What is Philosophy of Mind?.

Part II: Death and Identity.

Part III: The Problem of Other Minds.

Part IV: Mind and Belief in Animals.

Part V: Mind and Belief in Computers.

Part VI: Mind and Belief in God.

Part VII: Rational Action.

Part VIII: Does Mind Depend Upon Brain?.

Part IX: Inside Persons.

Part X: Consciousness, Matter, and Morality.

Part XI: Fear and Trembling.


A Philosophy of Mind Bookshelf.

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George Graham is Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy, and Professor of Psychology, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is co-editor (with William Bechtel) of A Companion to Cognitive Science (Blackwell Publishers, 1998), and (with N. Scott Arnold and Theodore M. Benditt) of Philosophy: Then and Now (also published by Blackwell, 1998).
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* Lively, popular, and student-oriented introduction to one of philosophy's most important areas of research.
* First edition praised for its breadth of topics, the attractiveness of its writing, and its textual clarity.
* Changes from the first edition include: the addition of significant new sections on personal identity, functionalism, consciousness and materialism and the addition of a new chapter on epiphenomenalism and psychopathology.
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"Its prose is lucid and its examples lively and often humorous. For the breadth of its topics, the attractiveness of its imaginative examples, and its remarkable textual clarity, this would be a splendid text to use." Philosophical Books

"Wonderful. I highly recommend it both as an introductory text and as a philosophical work in its own right." Philosophical Psychology

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