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Arab Nationalism: A History Nation and State in the Arab World

ISBN: 978-0-631-21729-9
284 pages
March 2001, Wiley-Blackwell
Arab Nationalism: A History Nation and State in the Arab World (0631217290) cover image
This is a much needed, concise survey of Arab nationalism both as an historical movement and a doctrine. The author identifies the particular characteristics and development of Arab nationalism and provides a wide-ranging history.
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1. Nationalism and Its Theories.

2. Narrating the Nation.

3. Cultural and Political Arabism.

4. Educating the Nation: Sati' al-Husri.

5. In Search of Theory.

6. Socialism and Pan-Arabism.


Guide to Further Reading.


List of Dynasties.

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Youssef Choueiri is Reader in the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at Exeter University. He is the author of a number of books. His publications include State and Society in Syria and Lebanon, 1919-1990 (1994), and Islamic Fundamentalism (1997).
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  • A timely publication as Arab nationalism is being challenged by the emergence of Islamic fundamentalism and the impact of a host of religio-ethnic problems.

  • The only book to provide such a breadth of Arab nationalist history.

  • Shows how the study of Arab nationalism is bound up with the development of the modern Arab world.

  • Includes study aids such as beginning of chapter chronologies, a glossary of unfamiliar terms, and a guide to further reading.

  • Clear, well-organised style makes the book ideal for students on a range of courses.
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"[Choueiri] provides a wealth of detail based on the writings of al-Miqdadi, Ghurbal ... and many others. Largely expository in style, his book describes what they have to say about the Arab nation and about the political programmes needed to realize its potential. In doing so, he brings out the differences among them and sympathetically assesses the problems many encountered." Times Literary Supplement <!--end-->

"Recommended particularly for university libraries and those interested in political theory and Middle East studies." CHOICE

"Arab Nationalism is a well-written, fact-filled book that constitutes a useful single-volume study of the evolution of Arabism. It is well-suited for readers who have in interest in the international nuances and development of nationalism and for those Middle East history enthusiasts who wish to delve into a more specialized topic." History: Reviews of New Books

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