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Whose Europe?: The Turn Towards Democracy

Dennis Smith (Editor), Sue Wright (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-631-21918-7
270 pages
February 2000, Wiley-Blackwell
Whose Europe?: The Turn Towards Democracy (0631219188) cover image
A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of democracy. How can the European Union be made more democratic? In whose Europe, a team of international scholars identifies barriers to further democratisation, explore potential bridges to greater democratic participation, and analyse the long term social processes shaping the new Europe.
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Prologue (John Rex).

The Turn Towards Democracy: Dennis Smith and Sue Wright ( Aston University).

Part I: Barriers:.

Our 'common European home' - but who owns the house? John Markoff (University of Pittsburgh).

Language, autonomy and national identity in Catalonia: Charlotte Hoffman (University of Salford).

A community that can communicate? The linguistic factor in European integration: Sue Wright (Aston University).

Third country nationals as European citizens: the case defended: Andreas Follesdall (Oslo University).

Part II: Bridges: .

The European public sphere and the deficit of democracy: Reiner Grundmann (Aston University).

Extending ethnolinguistic democracy in Europe: the case of Wales: Stephen May (University of Bristol).

Towards a post-national polity: the emergence of the network society in Europe: Barry Axford and Richard Huggins (Oxford Brookes University).

Citizenship and human rights - particular and universal worlds and the prospects for European citizenship: David Jary (Staffordshire University).

Part III: Processes:.

Making Europe: processes of Europe-formation since 1945: Dennis Smith (Aston University).

National pride and the meaning of Europe: a comparative study of Britain and Spain: Pablo Jáuregui (European University Institute, Florence).

Democracy in Eastern Europe as a civilizing process: Harald Wydra (University of Regensurg).

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  • Clear analysis of a highly topical and controversial theme
  • A well-integrated text drawing on the perspectives of sociology, history, sociolinguistics and political theory
  • Highly focused but wide-ranging: themes include citizenship, language, devolution, and the EU's relations with the United States and Eastern Europe.
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