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The Old South

Mark M. Smith (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-631-21927-9
316 pages
December 2000, ©2000, Wiley-Blackwell
The Old South (0631219277) cover image
The Old South is a collection of primary documents and previously published essays introducing students to recent themes found in scholarship on the social and cultural history of the Old South. The documents are drawn directly from the essays not only to vividly illustrate the events, but also to show students how historians construct arguments based on archival evidence. Smith introduces the collection with a detailed essay, and provides study questions, suggestions for further reading, a map, and a chronology of significant events creating a highly useful student-friendly reader.
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Map: The Old South in 1860.



Part I: A Modern Old South.

Part II: Southern Honor, Southern Violence.

Part III: Constructing And Defending Slavery.

Part IV: Communities, Cultures, and Economies: Lives of the Enslaved.

Part V: Selling Southern Bodies.

Part VI: Womanhood in Black and White.

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Mark M. Smith is Associate Professor of History at the University of South Carolina. He previously taught at the University of Birmingham in the U.K. He is the author of Mastered by the Clock: Time, Slavery, and Freedom in the American South (1997) and Debating Slavery: Economy and Society in the Antebellum American South (1998).
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    Contains twelve seminal essays covering a wide variety of topics on the social and cultural history of the Old South

      Exceptional pedagogy includes contextualizing headnotes, primary documents, discussion questions, further reading and a chronology of major events

        Places issues like the slave trade, violence among whites, gender relations, and southern honor in the larger context of antebellum southern history
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        This is an exceptionally well-conceived and well-executed collection of documents and scholarly essays. Mark Smith deserves high marks for at once presenting and recasting the antebellum South in bold and original ways. The Old South is absolutely first-rate." Peter Coclanis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

        "This book provides an excellent introduction to the study of the antebellum South, covering the salient topics in the region's economic, political, and cultural history. Mark Smith's essay on the historiography is elegant and informative, and his choice of readings is judicious. Undergraduates will learn a great deal from this volume, and it is perfectly suited for course adoption." Joan E. Cashin, author of Our Common Affairs: Texts from Women in the Old South

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