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Practical Business Forecasting

ISBN: 978-0-631-22065-7
528 pages
May 2002, ©2002, Wiley-Blackwell
Practical Business Forecasting (0631220658) cover image
Stressing the concrete applications of economic forecasting, Practical Business Forecasting is accessible to a wide-range of readers, requiring only a familiarity with basic statistics. The text focuses on the use of models in forecasting, explaining how to build practical forecasting models that produce optimal results. In a clear and detailed format, the text covers estimating and forecasting with single and multi- equation models, univariate time-series modeling, and determining forecasting accuracy. Additionally, case studies throughout the book illustrate how the models are actually estimated and adjusted to generate accurate forecasts. After reading this text, students and readers should have a clearer idea of the reasoning and choices involved in building models, and a deeper foundation in estimating econometric models used in practical business forecasting.
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Part I: Choosing the Right Type of Forecasting Model.

Part II: Useful Tools for Practical Business Forecasting.

Part III: The General Linear Regression Model.

Part IV: Additional Topics for Single-Equation Regression Models.

Part V: Forecasting with a Single-Equation Regression Model.

Part VI: Elements Of Univariate Time-Series Methods.

Part VII: Univariate Time Series Modeling and Forecasting.

Part VIII: Combining Forecasts.

Part IX: Building and Presenting Short-Term Sales Forecasting Models.

Part X: Methods of Long-Term Forecasting.

Part XI: Simultaneous Equation Models.

Part XII: Alternative Methods of Macroeconomic Forecasting.
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Dr. Michael K. Evans formerly taught at the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. Since 1981 has headed Evans, Carroll & Associates (formerly Evans Economics), and has generated thousands of forecasts at the macroeconomic, financial, industry, and individual company level. He was awarded the Annual Blue Chip Economic Forecasting Award in 1999 for the most accurate macroeconomic forecasts over the past four years
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  • Stresses the practical applications of economic forecasting.
  • Shows researchers, consultants, and corporate economists how to construct and estimate econometric models that will generate accurate forecasts.
  • Features an accompanying website, with sample chapters and downloadable data and models


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