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Political Ideas and Political Action

Rodney Barker (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-631-22142-5
192 pages
June 2001, Wiley-Blackwell
Political Ideas and Political Action (0631221425) cover image


From foreign policy to environmental protection, from gender equality to the rule of law, politics is constructed by thinking. This book reflects a growing recognition of political thinking as a dimension, perhaps the single most important dimension, of the activity of politics in the contemporary world, and in all previous worlds as well.
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Table of Contents

1. Hooks and Hands, Interests and Enemies: Political Thinking as Political Action: Rodney Barker (London School of Economics and Political Science).

2. Feminist Ideas and Domestic Violence Policy Change: Stefania Abrar, Joni Lovenduski & Helen Margetts (National Lottery Charities Board).

3. Zealot Politics and Democracy: The Case of the New Christian Right: Steve Bruce (University of Aberdeen).

4. Studying Political Ideas: A Public Political Discourse Approach: Andrew Chadwick (University of the West of England).

5. Practising Ideology and Ideological Practices: Michael Freeden (Mansfield College, Oxford).

6. Pluralism and Toleration in Contemporary Political Philosophy: John Gray (London School of Economics and Political Science).

7. Philosophic Tramps: W. H. Greenleaf.

8. Disposing of Dicey: From Legal Autonomy to Constitutional Discourse? Carol Harlow (London School of Economics and Political Science).

Sustainable Development-a New(ish) Idea for a New Century? James Meadowcroft (University of Sheffield).

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Author Information

Rodney Barker is Reader in Government at the London School of Economics.
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The Wiley Advantage

Nine studies by leading political scientists of the intellectual dimension of political action, and the active dimension of political thinking


From pluralism and tolerance to environmentalism and apartheid. How does political thinking mesh with political action?


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